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July Update

posted 25 Jul 2013, 14:15 by Steven Coles   [ updated 26 Jul 2013, 03:22 ]
Hope you have all been enjoying the weather. On the auction front it has been rather quiet. I was interested to see the below Bridgewater chair sell with a hammer price of £3400 so a total price inc commission of around £4100. Which to me is very expensive for a chair which does not have a rear leg stamp and the least desirable of the main 3 leg styles in my opinion. So my question is, do people get caught up in the auction battle and forget about the additional commission? As there are plenty of places you can straight out buy a Bridgewater for around £3200 you only have to look at the ones I posted in this blog or on ebay at the moment. I do like the one on ebay, nice and big with my personal favorite style of front leg, just a pity the upholstery on the back has not been done very well, but you should take recovering as standard when buying one of these.

Howard Bridgewater

On the work front I made a Howard style reclining swivel chair:
howard bridgewater swivel chair
We have not yet decide how to finish it as its for stock.

We made a pair of Howard style sofas for a customer who's family has an allergy to feathers, hence the extra covering on the cushions with a really tightly woven lining:
Howard Style Sofa

And last but not least a Howard Castillane Sofa which we are in the process of renovating, here are a couple of pics, I will add more soon:
Howard Sofa

Howard Sofa Frame