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Style Matters

posted 16 Apr 2013, 03:58 by Steven Coles
2 Original Howard chairs sold on ebay in the last couple of days. One sold for £3,225 and the second sold for £455

For the last few years it has seemed to be the case that if you stick a Howard chair in an auction it will make big money whatever the style. I am just wondering if buyers are becoming a bit more selective in the current climate and sticking to the classic designs like the Bridgewater.

Here is the chair which sold for £3,225:
bridgewater armchair with wings
As you can see it is a classic Bridgewater design with the addition of some wings. It is probably sacrilege for me to say it but if I owned the chair I would take a saw to the wings and convert it into a standard Bridgewater, for anyone with a bit of skill it would be a fairly easy task. But each to their own I am sure some people love the wings.

Here is the chair which sold for £455:
Howard Chair
This chair seemed to be an absolute steal to me, sold by mollymoo332 who also sold the Howard Chairs Bridgewater a few posts down at a steal again, as I mention in that post there are £200 worth of castors on the chair to start with so at £455 someone got a bargain especially as condition wise it looks use-able/saleable.