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Bridgewater Howard Chairs up for Auction

posted 29 Feb 2012, 15:32 by Steven Coles   [ updated 1 May 2012, 16:18 ]
A couple of nice Howard Chairs up for auction at Bonhams, Knightsbridge on 20th March. Both are the classic Bridgewater design.

The first is: Bonhams Howard 1 Sold for £4000 inc premium
Bonhams Howard 1
The Upholstery looks like it has been done for speed rather than beauty yet they have unfortunately spent time polishing up the legs and castors so it has now lost that antique look most people I know want.

The second is: Bonhams Howard 2 Sold for £1875 inc premium
Bonhams Howard 2
This one has a loose cover which is either very poorly made or the chair has been very badly dressed. Either way personally I would rather see the chair without the cover, that way it would be possible to see if someone has again taken it upon themselves to polish the legs and castors.

The second is a Lenygon & Morant made one but I know most people accept these as Howards. It will be interesting to see what they sell for, at least Bonhams give a more realistic estimate of £1500-£2000 + 25% commission + Vat.