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March Madness

posted 10 Mar 2014, 15:22 by Steven Coles   [ updated 20 Mar 2014, 04:36 ]
Well March certainly is the month for Howard furniture with plenty more lots coming up for sale for the 2nd half of the month so here they are:

(Click Pic to go to thesaleroom.com page)

Dreweatts in Newbury on the 12th of March:

Dreweatts Howard armchair
Standard Victorian chair, missing its cushion, guide price £300-£500. I would expect around £1000. Sold for £1488 Total 

Dreweatts chair
Lenygon and Morant Bridgewater armchair, guide price £400-£600. Always hard to guess these, I will go for £1200. Sold for £2728 Total As I say always hard to guess the Lenygon and Morant ones, sometimes they make very little and sometimes they make as much as Berners St ones.

Thomson Roddick, Dumfries. 15th of March:

Five chairs in total here, 3 bridgewaters, 1 grafton in the same purple chenille and 1 club armchair in a green chenille. No guide prices given, I would guess £2500 per chair. All Unsold

Thomson Roddick Bridgewater

Thomson Roddick Club

Christies, London on the 18th of March:

Howard Sofa
Probably a Baring sofa but uncertain due to the bad re-upholstery, it also looks like it has foam seat cushions from the flatness of them. Guide price: £2000-£3000 is probably about right, maybe a little more. Sold for £3250+charges

Howard armchair
Nice little armchair, again unfortunately it appears the cushion has been replaced by a foam one. Guide price: £1000-£1500 again probably about right. Sold for £1750+charges

Christies chairs
Pair of Howard Chairs/Lenygon and Morant chairs. Guide price:£800-£1200. My guess would be closer to £2000. Sold for £3500+charges

Anderson and Garland, Newcastle. 25th,26th,27th March:

Anderson Bridgewater

Looks like a bridgewater, shame the cushion is wrong, looks like a grafton cushion. Guide price, £1400-£1800 I would say is fair enough probably a little bit more.

Anderson Grafton
Grafton Armchair, foam cushion, this is probably the chair the cushion on the bridgewater previous belongs to so hopefully 1 person buys both lots and sorts it out. Guide price, £1000-£1500 again not too far off, a little on the low side but as far as Howard guide prices go its not bad.

Realised prices will be posted after the sale, Happy Bidding.