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Like London Busses you wait ages for some nice items to post about and 6 come along at once.

posted 10 Jun 2013, 15:28 by Steven Coles   [ updated 20 Jun 2013, 07:04 ]
Loads of nice items so lets get straight into them:

Howard Sofas
This beautiful pair are at Christie's (as if you hadn't guessed) Quite a compact pair, personally I prefer my arms a little lower and with a bit of rake but I am sure this style will be perfect for many people, the cover is a re-print. Guide price of: £12,000-£18,000 (nice to see a realistic guide price, may even be too high for a change). They got the estimate smack on, they sold for £15,000 + 25%+VAT Buyers premium = £19500

Howard Armchair
A very nice large armchair of Bridgewater/Harley design the dimensions are not given so its difficult tell, at a guess its a Harley. Typically undervalued at £400-£600. Sold for £3800 + 19.5%+VAT Buyers Premium = £4689
Saleroom link

Howard Bridgewater
Bridgewater armchair, unfortunately missing its castors and seat cushion, not sure what is going on with the front legs, they appear a little askew, could just be the angle the picture is taken at. Guide Price £250-£350. Sold for £2000 + 19.5%+VAT Buyers Premium = £2468
Saleroom link

Howard Bridgewater with Footstool
Bridgewater armchair, again unfortunately appears to be missing its seat cushion, but it does come with a very nice run up stool, be interesting to see how much they go for as a pair, personally I would of split them as the stool would of made tidy amount on its own. Obviously with original lining if you are into that, it adds to the provenance for this sale but as you can see its all rotten and falling apart so needs to go really. Guide Price £400-£600. Sold for £2300 + 19.5%+VAT Buyers Premium = £2838

Howard Grafton

Grafton armchair, once again missing its seat cushion (is there a Howard seat cushion thief out there?) and the horrid shepherd castors, however my bigger concern is that in fitting the shepherd castors they may have sawn off the lump of wood which would of gone in the original cup, if this is the case it would need a new section made and doweled in but this would not be a great fix. Guide Price £200-£300. Sold for £2200 + 19.5%+VAT Buyers Premium = £2714

Howard Library
A Howard Library armchair, not too dissimilar to our Ebble armchair which can be seen on this page. Original lining in good condition for a change, as are the legs but that is because it is an Old Burlington St model so 1935-1954. Guide price: £300-£500. Sold for £2500 + 19.5%+VAT Buyers Premium =  £3085
Ignore the guide prices for the last 5 they are silly. I will update with the realised prices when they sell.

There are a few other items on the sale room, but those are the ones which caught my eye.

As a final note be careful and check for as many items of provenance as possible to authenticate the item. Do not just take auction descriptions at face value, I have seen some iffy items lately and will be posting a guide of what to look for soon.

Updated now with all the prices, as I said the guide prices were silly on the last 5. Best value for money purchase in my opinion was the small Bridgewater with the footstool so congrats if you picked that one up.