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Howards for Sale at Auction in January

posted 24 Jan 2017, 05:32 by Steven Coles   [ updated 3 Feb 2017, 07:30 ]
Happy new year to all readers, lots of really nice items to kick off the year with, as per usual click the picture to go to the relevant page on the-saleroom.com. Here are my favourites:

 Starting with Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh on the 25/01/2017.
Howard Armchair
Unusual little chair, listed as a Bailey, not a model I have come across before. It was on ebay until a few months back where it was listed at £3,250. So I would expect it to make somewhere shy of that, I would expect there to be a reserve on it.

Howard Ivor Armchair
Cracking looking Ivor Armchair, looks like it only needs a recover to keep re-upholstery costs to a minimum. But that may have the effect of pushing the auction price higher. Not sure why in the listing it says: ('rear leg stamped HOWARD & SONS / BERNERS ST / LONDON' and serial no. 2273, possibly by Lenygon & Morant) It is either one or the other, if its stamped Howard and sons on the leg then that's what it is. The Castors look newer and are not listed as stamped so that is one negative to consider. I would guestimate it at £3,500+

Next up is John Nicholson, Haslemere, Surry on the 26/01/2017:
howard and sons 3 piece
Nice little suite with the excellent howard turned legs and castors. Very difficult to guestimate this one, the chairs are probably worth around £1500-£2000 each and the sofa probably £3000 (It's rather small). So if you add those up you are looking at £6000-£7000 but suites are very hard to predict, they can put the general public off as it's a lot of money to spend. Sold for £6200+commission.

Finally moving into February we have Lawrences, Bletchingley, Surrey on the 2/2/2017:

howard and sons sofa
Excellent sofa to finish with, I expect a high price for this one. Listed as a Fielding, I am not 100% on that you would need to check on the cushions to be sure. Seat obviously needs completely remaking, it looks like they have used elasticated webbing as temporary fix which would not of done the frame many favours. Even so plenty of original lining for what its worth. My guestimate would be £5000+ it is a good size too. Sold for £6800 + commission.

We restored one similar to this last year as you can see from this picture:
howard and sons sofas