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Howards at Mallams Oxford

posted 21 Jun 2013, 13:20 by Steven Coles   [ updated 26 Jun 2013, 04:08 ]
3 lots at the upcoming Mallams sale in Oxford, it seems 2 different people did the guide prices on them as 2 are possibly a little on the high side and 1 is very much underestimated as per normal.

First off is a pair of Graftons, the guide price is £6000-£8000 which in my opinion is a little high. If they were normal Graftons I think they would go for £5000-£6000, however they are not, they do not have feather seat or back cushions which is the thing that makes them comfortable. They could be converted to a full feather chair but this of course costs money which may get taken into consideration with how high people bid so my guesstimate is £4500. Sold for £4000 + 20% Buyers premium+VAT = £4960. So my guestimate was reasonably good

howard and sons graftons
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Next up is a large run up stool. I have no idea how they can describe it as a window seat? Great at the end of a sofa, you could put it width ways to share it with your partner or put it long ways to really lounge out. It is unfortunately missing its feather cushion which would sit on top and bring it level with your sofa/armchair, this will again affect the price as a new cushion of that size with a quality mix of down/feathers will be expensive £300+. I think the guide price of £2000-£3000 is way over the top but it is unusual and it only needs 2 people to really want it for the reasons I described above so who knows but my guesstimate is £1500. Sold for £1600 + 20% Buyers premium+VAT = £1984. So again my guestimate was very close.

howard run up stool
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Finally I think its an Ingleby, shame the auctioneers cant be bothered to put the seat cushion in the right way round, not as if they won't make much money out of it. This is the one undervalued at £600-£800, my guesstimate is £2500, This style of chair is becoming increasingly popular, they are still short of Bridgewater prices but they are getting there.

howard ingleby
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