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Howard Chairs Bridgewater

posted 18 Mar 2013, 14:57 by Steven Coles
Just thought I would post this which I personally thought was a great bargain for someone. Disappointed I wasnt somewhere I could bid myself I was expecting it to go much higher.


Howard Chairs Armchair

It sold for £679. Yes its by the modern company Howard Chairs and not Howard and Sons but it is still a quality item, plus with it being of a more recent manufacture it will probably only need a re-cover and not the complete rebuild most of the antique ones need, so it works out very cost effective for the person more interested in owning a comfortable chair than the stamp on the leg.

Also with howard castors selling at on average £225 for a set of 4 and 2 rims. it makes this even better value. One thing I did notice and others may of as well which may of put people off is that the leg appears to be stamped South Audley St. Where as the lable is stamped Lyme St. I am sure the chair is geniune, it probably got swapped when it was re-upholstered. Another reason to use an upholsterer who appreciates and understands the chair they are working on.