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Couple of nice lots at the auction rooms.

posted 5 May 2017, 03:41 by Steven Coles   [ updated 10 May 2017, 03:16 ]
Bit late with the 1st item being tomorrow the 6th of May but some may catch it and I will try and update it with the sold price. At Shapes, Edinburgh a nice, probably bridgewater chair by the looks of it. Much of its original lining still intact, should fetch a good price I would hope for £2500+. Sold for £3200 + Commission.

howard bridgewater shapes

A good large sofa at Reeman Dansie, Essex on the 9th of May. I think its a Leeds/Seymour, not a design I have ever had much interest in I don't like how they do the back cushions as squares, seems lazy to me. Should be shaped to match the back, perhaps a cost cutting exercise during the 50's? Should get £3000+ as its a good size. Sold for £4600 + Commission.

reeman dansie leeds howard sofa

Finally another Bridgewater/Ivor/Harley I dont have my tape measure on me to work it out and they have not measured the depth anyway. It is at Bellmans, Sussex on the 11th of May. Looks like the last stamp they used saying "Howard and Sons" to me so I think we are looking at 1930s to me, this should mean it wont be a complete mess inside, possibly original under the cover. Should get £3000+.

howard bridgewater bellmans