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A few excellent items coming up at auction

posted 5 Apr 2018, 04:48 by Steven Coles   [ updated 19 Apr 2018, 03:48 ]
Woolley and Wallis in Salisbury on the 11th April have these fine lots, please click the pictures to go to the relevant page on the-saleroom.com:

woolley wallis howard sofa
A very nice Baring sofa, looks like an excellent purchase if you can get it for a fair price, I expect a lot of bidding on this and it will easily exceed the auctioneers estimate of £800-£1200. I think it will make £6000. Sold for £5800 plus commission.

howard tub chair

Also presumably from the same house a nice little pair of Howard tub chairs, these are small chairs and because of that they do not normally make a whole lot of money, I have seen one sell for as little as £400.  I would estimate £2000. Sold for £3000 plus commission.

Moving on to Lawrences of Crewkerne on the 13th of April we have 4 lots from the same house. I find it really annoying when auctioneers do not remove the loose covers from items it makes it very difficult to see what you are looking at, no one wants the tatty old loose cover I really don't understand why they don't just throw them in the skip. They did post better pictures without the covers closer to the action however from the prices realised I do not think they helped themselves with their first effort.

Well thanks to their terrible presentation in leaving the loose cover on there is very little I can say about this sofa, Does it have turned or square tapering legs? What style/design is it? I don't know because all we have is a photo of pink blob! I can't even give any kind of estimate to this one. Rant over. Unsold.

bridgewater chair
Slightly less annoyed by this one at least you can see it is a Bridgewater with a badly made cover. I would estimate around £3500 just based on it being a bridgewater and without being able to see the condition. Sold for £2200 + commission, this is one of the lowest prices I have seen at auction for a bridgewater in a while, shame as it actually had very nice turned legs under that cover, someone got a bargain.

There are 2 other chairs a Bergere style one and another tub chair but quite frankly I have had enough of posting pink blobs on here. The bergere one will probably make around £1200 (Sold for £1100 + Commission). The tub chair will probably make around £800 (Sold for £1300 + Commission). Both appear to be missing cushions.