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Welcome to my fan site about Antique Howard and Sons Sofas and Armchairs. Here you will find Howard's being advertised for sale by private individuals. Howard's being sold at auction rooms. As well as items we have restored.

My name is Steven Coles I have been a traditional upholsterer/frame maker for over 15 years, during my time I have restored and copied countless Howard & Sons sofas and armchairs, developing a love for their classic design and exceptional comfort.

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2 "Bigguns" up for auction

posted 31 Oct 2018, 04:58 by Steven Coles   [ updated 31 Oct 2018, 08:59 ]

I often get asked if I know of any large/deep Howard sofas up for sale and I always have to explain that they are as rare as hens teeth. Well we have 2 coming up for sale in the weeks. The first and my personal favourite is at the Mendip auction rooms on the 3rd of November:

Please click the pictures to go to the relevant pages at
large howard sofa

A Wimbourne I would assume. coming in at 7ft2 overall this is one of the biggest if not the biggest they made. The loose white cushions on the back should really be thrown away and are only there because the previous owner obviously found it too big. The castors have collapsed. We know a very good castor restorer if anyone is interested who makes them like new for around £75 each. The auctioneers estimate of £400-600 is laughable. I am expecting this to make around £10,000. On a good day it could make £15,000.

large howard sofa2
I think under the loose cover there is a Portarlington hidden away. I really wish auction rooms would remove loose covers, they are completely irrelevant and only hide what is underneath. This one is in Roseberys, London on the 22nd November. This one is a bit smaller at 6ft4 but at a metre deep it is still one of the large ones. I would expect this one to again make around £10,000. The fact it is in London may help.

I look forward to watching them sell and updating the prices. If you would like to contact me for any advice please feel free.

Howard and Sons Corner units for sale.

posted 25 Sep 2018, 04:18 by Steven Coles

For sale on behalf of a client are these excellent Howard and Sons corner units. We restored them a few years ago for the client who now wishes to sell them. The attached photograph is from when we restored them. For offers and more information contact me at

Howard and Sons Corner Units

Howard and Sons Nursing chair for sale

posted 27 Apr 2018, 07:07 by Steven Coles   [ updated 27 Apr 2018, 07:10 ]

howard nursing chair for sale

For sale on behalf of a client. £650. Collection from Bournemouth, or local delivery may be available. More pictures available on request. All enquiries to

Excellent little project for someone.

Fantastic Pair of Howards sell at Bristol

posted 27 Apr 2018, 05:00 by Steven Coles

I have been watching these for a while, one of the nicest pairs I have seen in quite some time. I think they are Ivors, my favorite size. Sold for £13,000 + Commission. Well done Bristol Auction Rooms and the winning bidder.

bristol howard

A few excellent items coming up at auction

posted 5 Apr 2018, 04:48 by Steven Coles   [ updated 19 Apr 2018, 03:48 ]

Woolley and Wallis in Salisbury on the 11th April have these fine lots, please click the pictures to go to the relevant page on

woolley wallis howard sofa
A very nice Baring sofa, looks like an excellent purchase if you can get it for a fair price, I expect a lot of bidding on this and it will easily exceed the auctioneers estimate of £800-£1200. I think it will make £6000. Sold for £5800 plus commission.

howard tub chair

Also presumably from the same house a nice little pair of Howard tub chairs, these are small chairs and because of that they do not normally make a whole lot of money, I have seen one sell for as little as £400.  I would estimate £2000. Sold for £3000 plus commission.

Moving on to Lawrences of Crewkerne on the 13th of April we have 4 lots from the same house. I find it really annoying when auctioneers do not remove the loose covers from items it makes it very difficult to see what you are looking at, no one wants the tatty old loose cover I really don't understand why they don't just throw them in the skip. They did post better pictures without the covers closer to the action however from the prices realised I do not think they helped themselves with their first effort.

Well thanks to their terrible presentation in leaving the loose cover on there is very little I can say about this sofa, Does it have turned or square tapering legs? What style/design is it? I don't know because all we have is a photo of pink blob! I can't even give any kind of estimate to this one. Rant over. Unsold.

bridgewater chair
Slightly less annoyed by this one at least you can see it is a Bridgewater with a badly made cover. I would estimate around £3500 just based on it being a bridgewater and without being able to see the condition. Sold for £2200 + commission, this is one of the lowest prices I have seen at auction for a bridgewater in a while, shame as it actually had very nice turned legs under that cover, someone got a bargain.

There are 2 other chairs a Bergere style one and another tub chair but quite frankly I have had enough of posting pink blobs on here. The bergere one will probably make around £1200 (Sold for £1100 + Commission). The tub chair will probably make around £800 (Sold for £1300 + Commission). Both appear to be missing cushions.

Howard and Sons Daybed for Sale

posted 5 Mar 2018, 03:47 by Steven Coles   [ updated 5 Apr 2018, 03:59 ]

Excellent condition Howard and Sons reclining daybed for sale, all original castors and stamps. Collection from Southport. Sold

howard daybed

howard daybed leg

2 Bridgewaters at Woolley & Wallis, Salisbury, 10th Jan.

posted 9 Jan 2018, 08:35 by Steven Coles   [ updated 11 Jan 2018, 03:12 ]

I say Bridgewaters but no sizes are given so I am not entirely sure, One is a Howard and Sons but sadly missing its castors, the other is a Howard Chairs but sadly missing its original cushion. Both retain some of their original lining. Click the picture for a link to the item on

howard bridgewater
My estimate for the Howard and Sons one would be around £3500. Sold for £3200 + Commission.

My estimate for the Howard Chairs one would be around £2000. Sold for £2400 + Commission.

We are local to this saleroom and have collected items for restoration from them before, if you are interested feel free to give us a call.

Howard and Sons sofa in original lining. *Sold*

posted 13 Dec 2017, 08:38 by Steven Coles   [ updated 20 Dec 2017, 02:39 ]

For sale on behalf of a customer is this excellent sofa in all its original H&S monogrammed lining. First time I have seen this design and I really like it, I have seen a couple of similar chairs with hockey stick arms but never a sofa. Be interested to see if there is a model name written on the cushions.

I believe from what I can work out it was probably made in the late 1920s early 1930s. The rear leg is stamped (also has an old repair of good quality). Sadly the castors are un-stamped.

The dimensions are:  L: 180 cms; H: 84cms, Depth: 90 cms

The seating area is:  L: 146 cms;  Depth: 63 cms

I think this really is an excellent sofa and I am sure there will be plenty of interest, offers significantly upwards of £4500 to Collection from London W8, viewing and collection at the sellers convenience Wednesday evenings are usually best. Sold

Howard & Sons Sofa in original lining
Howard & Sons Sofa in original lining
Howard & Sons Sofa in original lining
Howard & Sons Sofa in original lining

Open armchair reduced in price

posted 27 Oct 2017, 03:34 by Steven Coles

The open armchair a couple of posts down has been reduced in price by its owner who is now asking £1200 instead of £1500. I think this is a very good price, if you are interested do not hesitate or it will be going to the trade soon.

Fantastic Howard Sofa and armchairs for auction this Wednesday 25/10

posted 23 Oct 2017, 05:10 by Steven Coles   [ updated 25 Oct 2017, 07:32 ]

Been meaning to talk about these for a while but have not had the time, I am really excited about this Beckett sofa coming up at Lyon and Turnbull, Edinburgh. It has 57 people watching it on the-saleroom and a further 5 on invaluable so it has obviously caught a lot of peoples eye, and I can see why. This really should be in a museum or William Morris's Cotswold home. As a huge William Morris fan I would love to see it kept with the fabric on but I appreciate it is old and dirty, may not even be original so would understand if it got recovered (hopefully in more William Morris!). If I had the money I would be there bidding high and I would expect to pay in the region of £10,000 and I would not be surprised to see it go well past that. Fantastic item. Sold for £11,000 + the 25% commission and vat on the commission takes it to £14,300.

There is also a very nice Howard centre table at the same sale which sold for £2600 + commission.

howard beckett sofa

On the same day we have three very nice armchairs at Dreweatts, Newbury.
dreweatts howard armchair
dreweatts howard armchair
dreweatts howard armchair
Three nice chairs, my personal favorite is the third but then that is possibly the William Morris print and the turned legs. I would expect that one to sell for around £2000. Sold for £2600 + Commission.

The Bridgewater in the middle needs some work to the back, someone has obviously made a bit of a hash of it at some point, I would expect it to make the usual £2500-£3000. Sold for £3000 + Commission.

The top one I think is an Ingleby with ball and claw feet, could look very nice restored, I would expect it to be the cheapest of the 3, probably just under £2000. Sold for £800 + Commission.

There is also a Howard nursing chair which I am sure will sell for the standard £400-£500 Sold for £1300 + Commission. Click the pictures for a link to the relevant page on

Post sale thoughts: I was not far out with most of my price estimates, the one I was most surprised by was the nursing chair making significantly more than the Ingleby. The Ingleby was a bargain at that price but I don't think I have ever seen a nursing chair make anywhere near that price before, they normally make half that at best. The Beckett sofa certainly did me proud, I had a doubting Thomas here in the workshop who was sure it would not go past £6,000. I hope it is going to a good home.

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